繼好奇號在2012年登陸火星後,NASA 「火星2020」計畫將毅力號送往火星,經過一趟7個月、4.8億公里的旅程,終於在2021年2月登上火星。為什麼我們對火星如此著迷?因為火星和地球有部分相似之處,讓科學家對於火星上可能擁有生命體,以及人類有機會在火星長久生活,這兩件事充滿想像。 毅力號在火星上不僅是移動和拍照而已,身上裝載的多樣設備可以長期收集並將資料回傳地球。 來看看這個在遙遠星球上為人類的火星夢努力的探測車正在忙什麼。

After the Curiosity rover landed on Mars in 2012, NASA sent another rover for the Mars 2020 mission, named Perseverance and nicknamed Percy. It landed on Mars in February 2021 after a 480-million-kilometer journey that lasted seven months. Why does Mars fascinate us? The similarities between Mars and Earth have led scientists to consider the possibility of life on the planet, and perhaps even imagine the potential of mankind settling on Mars. In addition to surveying Mars for photo opportunities, Percy is designed with equipment which will allow it to continue to collect and transfer information back to Earth. Come and take a look at the rover and its tasks on this distant planet, which serve to contribute to humanity’s Martian dream.